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Laptop and tablet

When working through home-alone issues, you have to be set up to monitor your dog so that you have all the data. Without a little tech, you’re going in blind. Literally. You have to have eyes on your dog and a live stream at that!

Let’s start with my top five tech tools so that you at least have a starting point.

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A black and white photo of a lonely medium sized dog looking outside the window.

There are various reasons why dogs develop home alone issues. We often think that we have caused it by the way we treat our dogs. Maybe that’s because we’re constantly being told “you spoil him with so much attention! No wonder he has separation anxiety.”

Is it because I spoiled him? Because I let him sleep on the bed? Maybe it’s because we treat him like a person.

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A close up photo of a black and white zebra.

Separation Anxiety seems like a buzzword these days, doesn’t it? It’s like all dogs have it to some degree. Heck, I have it with my own dog and he’s just fine at home alone! We don’t want to “over-diagnose” and we especially don’t want to “mis-diagnose”. We have to figure out if your dog is truly suffering from a panic disorder before we embark on a training program.

What might cause dogs to show similar symptoms?

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Won’t she just “get over it”?

Habituation is the technical term for “getting over it” and unfortunately, when it comes to separation anxiety, many dogs don’t do this very well. Instead, they sensitise; they become more sensitive.

Our goal with this program is to desensitise your dog to alone-time so that they can tolerate longer and longer absences without the anxiety they are currently experiencing. It is a gradual experience, as opposed to a similar (but also VERY different) technique called flooding.

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