Resolving Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Is your dog's separation anxiety giving YOU anxiety?

Is your dog destroying your home and furnishings, causing noise complaints with endless barking, and impossible to crate?

Do you feel like you've tried everything?

If you have been suffering alongside your dog long enough, let's talk. Separation Anxiety may be a complex beast that tests your patience (and your neighbours'!) and denies you your freedom, but it doesn't have to be that way.

You've scoured the internet for advice, talked to family, friends, and other dog-lovers. The advice you've been given sounded promising but so far, nothing has worked. You're debating hiring a trainer or behaviourist to come in and help you fix this once and for all.

You need immediate relief and long-term results.

There is help. I promise!

But don't I need in-home training?

No! And here's why...

You might be surprised to learn that our specialised program is all done virtually. How else would we be able to see and assess your dog while you're not home??

But don't you need to see the behaviour in-person?

No. Absolutely not. How would we? Home alone issues happen when dogs are...home alone.

Picture this: your trainer comes to your home, you give them a quick tour, you both sit down to have a conversation about your dog's isolation distress, and your trainer says "let's see what happens when we leave" and you walk out the door together. ..... you'd have to peer in the windows or watch the dog on the camera from your doorstep ... but what benefit does that have? Your dog will likely act a little different with a trainer present and the absence will not give an accurate read. Your trainer tells you to stuff a Kong, crate-train your dog, work on "stay" and "mat training", and come and go for gradually longer periods of time. 

What's that? You've already done all that? Yep. You and everybody else who is suffering through this behaviour challenge with their dog. It doesn't work. 

Why pay more to have someone come to your home so that they can see....less? 

Now picture this: you meet your Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer via live video, you give a quick tour of the home so that they can jot down a floor plan, you have a conversation about your dog's isolation distress, and your trainer says "let's see what happens when you leave" and you set up your computer/tablet/webcam for the trainer to watch your dog, and you walk out the door with your cell phone in hand. For the next 30 seconds, your trainer observes your dog exhibiting the behaviour you're concerned about and texts you to come back in because they've seen enough. The absence was very organic and the read is accurate. Your trainer can now provide you with a step-by-step plan, coach you through it LIVE right there, and work out any kinks. No crates, Kongs, distractions, manners-training, or gimmicks. Just results. 

You don't need an in-home assessment for a behaviour challenge that happens when you're not home.

In-home training doesn't have a single advantage! In fact, it has more than one disadvantage. 

You need eyes on the ground and regular support. That's what we do.

Get relief now, not just for your dog, but for you, AND your neighbours!

Let a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer help you get your life back.

This program includes: 

  • Lessons with clear and detailed information on Separation Anxiety
  • Science-based advice that does not rely on gimmicks and quick-fixes
  • At-your-fingertips resources
  • Recorded video assessments of real dogs with Separation Anxiety
  • Step-by-step training plans
  • Workbooks and cheat-sheets (fillable and printable so that you have a clear path to follow)
  • Educational interview with a Veterinary Behaviourist on the topic of anti-anxiety medications and natural supplements

I've been where you are.

Not only am I Canada's first Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer, but I have personal experience with a dog with severe isolation distress.

We suffered together for ten years before I found the solution. And when I did, we resolved the anxiety and lived happily for the remainder of his life.

Premium PLUS program includes

  • Everything in the Premium Membership +
  • Full Resolving Separation Anxiety in Dogs program PLUS Cranky Canine program 
  • Intensive training and support via online lessons with video/text
  • Worksheets, checklists, and other resources in our regularly updated and robust resource library
  • Interviews with other pet professionals (Veterinary Behaviourists, Veterinarians, Canine Nutrition Consultants, Professional Dog Trainers, etc.) 
  • One 60min private virtual consult with me so that we can customise a plan for you and I can answer specific questions!
  • As-needed 15-minute check-in calls with me 
  • Live group coaching calls via Zoom, plus replays 
  • Access to our Community - a private forum (NOT on Facebook!) where all the great discussions take place. Here, you and your classmates can share ideas and experiences, laugh, commiserate, and support each other through good days and bad, while still receiving coaching from your team of Trainers.

Are you ready to get your life back? 

There is hope.

$349 (3 mo access)

$29/mo thereafter

includes Premium Membership

Includes regular updates and added content