Learn how to properly socialise your new puppy

This is your puppy's "behavioural vaccine" and now is not the time to sit back and enjoy puppyhood - we've got some work to do that's way more important than all the other stuff you're juggling.

You've got the power to change the course of the future and raise a well-behaved, social dog! You've got this!

Download your complete multi-page checklist to be sure you're not missing anything on your socialisation journey! puppy is a little older. Will this still work for us if I have an adolescent dog (6-18 months)?

Absolutely. You might have missed the critical socialisation period in your puppy's development, but you can go back and we'll call it a "Mulligan". A "re-do".

I'm not going to tell you that it's going to be easy, especially if your dog is showing signs of fear, anxiety or aggression. That wouldn't be fair to you or your dog!

However, you can absolutely follow this guide along and keep a safe distance or low-intensity

Learn how to properly socialise your new puppy with this checklist

You're only a couple clicks away from having a rock-solid game-plan. You've got this!

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