Is your dog struggling with a behaviour challenge that requires a more customised plan?

You’re not alone! 40% of our business is private training. We work with almost all cases. Some we may choose to refer to a trusted colleague who specialises (like a Veterinary Behaviourist, for example) or to a Veterinarian for follow-up to rule out medical causes for concerning behaviour.

We work with dogs of all sizes, ages, and breeds, whether they are from reputable breeders, hobby breeders, rescues, or shelters. We don’t discriminate! 

Typical Cases

  • New rescue dogs
  • Fears, anxieties, and phobias
  • Body handling
  • Resource guarding (possession aggression)

Check our targeted programs for:

But don't I need in-person or in-home lessons?

You might think that you need a trainer to be there with you, live in the flesh, but I promise you, you don't. Because you're the one living with your dog, you need the coaching to learn strategies for behaviour change. Dog Trainers don't often train dogs; we train people. 

You may think I need to see how your dog reacts in various situations but I promise you that in 90% of cases, I don't. (And if you're in the 10% I will refer you to a trusted colleague.) 

I know what it looks like. If you were having an anaphylactic reaction to nuts, would your Physician need to trigger that response in order to help you? I should hope not. 

This is how it looks when you work with a Professional. It comes from over a decade of working with thousands of dogs. 

I know exactly what you need and how I can help you.

During July, August, and September 2021, please note the following temporary changes: 

  • Members will be supported by the fabulous Sue Wilson in our Community
  • Q&As and Live Training classes may be pre-recorded vs. live 

You're still in the best hands because we have the best team!


Caryn speaks from the heart, injecting humour and compassion into all her work. She strives to inspire pet owners and pet professionals to take an active role in learning the language of animals and teaching them appropriate behaviours through humane and science-based training.

With four certifications under her belt, she is a lifelong learner; she earns continuing education credits each year, ensuring that she is up to date with her skills and knowledge. She is certified as a Professional Dog Trainer, a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer, a Family Paws Parent Educator, and a Fear Free Certified Professional.

TCCE began in 2008 and quickly grew to a full brick and mortar location, running 6 days per week with a team of qualified instructors, dedicated to achieving stellar results with clients and their dogs. Recommended by Veterinarians and Veterinary Behaviourists.

Caryn has trained dogs, cats, horses, chickens, a rat and even a goldfish. She has a soft spot for German Shepherds and reactive dogs.

How does this work?

  • You register using the form below - the more information I have in advance, the better!
  • You will receive a booking link via email within two business days
  • We meet via Zoom at the agreed time
  • We will discuss your concerns
  • I will provide you with effective solutions (along with a demonstration with my own dog if required)
  • I will coach you via video if you would like to practice with your dog
  • I will answer any questions you might have
  • All private virtual coaching is done by Zoom - a free, downloadable, web-conferencing service. 
  • Sessions can be recorded and provided to you upon request. Please let us know at the beginning of the session if this is your preference as it is not done automatically! 
  • Please be prepared with your questions and have a notepad and pen ready to jot down important notes. We may provide followup resources. 

Members get discounted pricing

$60 30min

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