we would LOVE to help you raise your puppy into the dog you've always wanted!

"The First Year" program guides you from start to finish, raising your puppy into the dog you've always wanted. For puppies zero to 1 year.

"The First Year" program can help. Join the waitlist now. We're reopening this month!

"The First Year" program is an intensive online program that provides support every day from Monday to Friday with our head trainer, Caryn Liles. The program includes lessons on pre-adoption preparation, getting ready, understanding dogs, routines, priorities, and main concepts and challenges.

The program also includes a full socialisation roadmap, guidance on potty-, crate-, and separation training, plus tons of Quick Wins for troubleshooting problematic behaviours (with video).

"The First Year" program runs all year round and is taught through video, worksheets, and daily support in our Community.

More cost-effective than group classes or private lessons and you still get plenty of individual attention so that you can make progress at your dog's pace.

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