Let's keep the momentum you've built in the foundations program and work up to longer and longer absences!

The Happy Home Alone™ Membership is the first of its kind; 

where you not only get additional trainings, and a monthly live Q&A, but you also continue to get access to Caryn Liles, CSAT from Monday to Friday every week! 

Are you starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel?

Let me help you keep the momentum and support you as you get closer and closer to your goal!

The Happy Home-Alone™ Membership is right for you if:

  • you have completed the Happy Home Alone™ foundations course
  • if you are getting the hang of the process but need ongoing support
  • if you've tried writing Missions but are struggling with the details
  • you feel like you're on the right path but would love some emotional support and cheerleading along the way
  • you're worried that your momentum will run out and you'll revert to just managing and hoping for the best
  • you've loved the experience of a group program with all the support of your "village" and want to keep going!

Steve & Christa


Harry is doing fantastic and perhaps as happy as we've ever seen him. In July we moved, which was marginally traumatic for him, but he quickly adapted, and is now loving life. He really is back to his old self, and his anxiety issues almost seem like a distant memory. As you know, when those issues were occurring, both of our lives were completely consumed by them, so it is a drastic change to go from that, to it being almost a non-issue.

From time to time I encounter someone in a dog park who is having problems with isolation distress and I make sure to give them your contact info We learned so much going through this process with you and Harry, and we feel like we could rescue another dog in the future, now that we have an idea of how to manage this problem.

Thank you so much for your help in getting us all to this place! You're literally a life-saver - for both us and Harry!

Caryn Liles Headshot
Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer seal

About your Coach, Caryn Liles, CSAT
Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer & Behaviour Coach

Caryn speaks from the heart, injecting humour and compassion into all her work. She strives to inspire pet owners and pet professionals to take an active role in learning the language of animals and teaching them appropriate behaviours through humane and science-based training.

With multiple certifications under her belt, she is a lifelong learner; she earns continuing education credits each year, ensuring that she is up to date with her skills and knowledge.

Her certifications include: Certified Dog Walker (CDW), Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA), Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT), Family Paws Parent Educator (FPPE), and a Fear Free Certified Professional. 

In fact, Caryn was the first ever Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT) in Canada and co-taught the certification program for other Trainers around the world.

Caryn has trained dogs, cats, horses, chickens, a rat and even a goldfish. She has a soft spot for German Shepherds and reactive dogs. Most of all, she loves humans! A lifelong learner and lover of psychology, humans are her favourite species.

Join the HAPPY HOME ALONE™ Membership today and keep the momentum! 

Your village is waiting for you! 

Don't risk developing Separation Anxiety from ME! 🤣

Keep building your absence durations while getting all the support you need from me, Monday to Friday, as well as from your fellow SepAnx peeps. 

No one can do this alone, and why would you? 

What's Inside the HAPPY HOME ALONE™ Membership

This membership includes: 

  • Daily access to me in our incredibly active and supportive Community. I answer your questions from Monday to Friday each week! 
  • Monthly live Q&A where I answer your questions in depth and more detail than even in the monthly Q&As about non-SepAnx-related stuff! 
  • Training classes where we cover a variety of behaviours and concepts that take your dog's learning to the next level.
  • Access to detailed Training Roadmaps that walk you through various behaviours and concepts, step-by-step, plus endless Quick Wins for typical challenges.
  • Free or discounted access to our public events, such as Masterclasses, and more!
  • The support of the other students in your cohort and other cohorts who "get" you and what you're going through

Where do I sign up?

You deserve the training and support you need to get back your freedom and relieve your dog's home-alone anxiety. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join anytime? 

Do I get 1:1 coaching with this program?

How long do I have access?

What if I'm already a Member of  TCCE's Academy? 

Do you offer a guarantee?

What if I meet my goals and want to cancel? 

There's a seat with your name on it.

You've done the heavy lifting and you know you'll be more successful (faster) if you keep the momentum with regular support rather than "going it alone".

It's a small financial commitment for what you're getting out of it and you've got that warm and fuzzy feeling. I feel it too. I know we're going to rock this together.

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