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The most effective and humane program for modifying reactive behaviour in dogs since 2011.

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Stop me if you've heard this one before.

  • "Be more 'Alpha'"
  • "YOUR anxiety is causing HIS anxiety"
  • "You're reinforcing her fear"
  • "He's being dominant"
  • "She doesn't see you as the leader of the pack"
  • "He's trying to protect you"
  • "It's your fault - you must have done something to cause this"
  • "What did you expect from a rescue dog?"

It's mentally and emotionally exhausting to receive conflicting advice from well-intentioned strangers, family, friends, social media groups, the internet, and even professionals. How do you know what's right and what's wrong?

You're tired of throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.

Stop. Throwing. Pasta.

I am a five-times-certified Professional Dog Trainer and Behaviour Coach. I've been running Toronto's first reactive dog classes since 2011 and I specialise in aggressive behaviour in dogs. 

I cannot wait to help you work through this frustrating, embarrassing, and even dangerous behaviour so you can enjoy peaceful walks with your dog.

"Caryn was able to get through to my reactive dog when no one else could, and gave me the skills to not only train him out of his issues, but form a deeper bond. We finally had a trainer that listened instead of assuming, adjusted the plan to suit our specific needs, had answers to our questions, could back everything up with evidence, and understood the reality of training outside of a controlled classroom."

Katrina & Finn

Why Cranky Canine?

Why would you pay for Cranky Canine when there is so much free advice out there on Facebook and YouTube?

Because you want consistent, science-based advice that works.

You want to avoid hunting and pecking for information. You want it at your fingertips.

You want someone with a proven track record in modifying reactive behaviour in dogs without resorting to leash corrections and shock collars.

You want access to a professional who understands you and your dog.

You want a Community that supports you instead of shaming you or leading you astray.

You want someone your Veterinarian trusts.

dog tied outside in the street

But don't I need in-person lessons or classes?

You might think that you need a trainer to be there with you, live in the flesh, but I promise you, you don't.

Our online Cranky Canine program gives you a clear and effective roadmap to resolving your dog's reactivity to triggers just as effectively as our in-person classes have done for almost a decade.

I don't need to see how your dog reacts to triggers. (In fact, even if we were working together in person, I wouldn't want to provoke that stressful response.) I know what it looks like. If you were having an anaphylactic reaction to nuts, would your Physician need to trigger that response in order to help you? I should hope not.

This is how it looks when you work with a Professional. It comes from over a decade of specialising in reactivity and aggression in dogs and from having my own reactive dogs.

I know exactly what you need and how I can help you.

Registration is closed! Join the waitlist for early 2021:

What's included in the training?

Understanding your Dog and Reactivity

Learn all you need to know about dogs in order to be successful: canine communication and body language, what is reactivity and why is it happening, how to make your dog happy, myth-busting, and more! 

Defensive Handling

You need a game plan for when the faeces hits the fan, and you need it fast. Let me show you how to handle those "in the heat" moments where your dog is about to burst into flames (or perhaps they already have) so you can save your dignity and walk away. 

Changing your Dog's Emotional Response

Barking and lunging isn't the problem - it's the byproduct. Let's get to the root of your dog's emotional response and let's change it from the inside out! No need to use corrections and harsh punishment; these will only break down your bond. We're going to use science. 

Focus & Attention

Build up your dog's focus and attention on you so that you can easily ask them to perform under pressure and get results. 

Polite Leash-Walking

If your dog is a puller, you'll not likely make fast progress with reactivity so let's tackle this common issue and make your dog a dream to walk down city streets, past triggers!

Impulse Control

At the root of all reactivity is impulse control; the inability to control their impulses is directly affecting their ability to think, learn, make good decisions, and recover. Let's teach them to keep their brains in their head and their eyes on the prize. 

Generalising to the Real World

It's all well and good to be able to get these behaviours in a controlled environment, but what about the real world? How do we ensure success when we go to the cottage? Visit family? Move house? Let's generalise these skills to new contexts with ease and confidence. 

Post-Reaction Recovery

You might be surprised how much more important recovery is than the reaction itself! Let's work on building your dog's ability to recover faster from triggering experiences, building their resilience for the future. 

*BONUS: Basic Training Roadmaps

Get access to all of our training roadmaps so that you are covered for the basics. Teach your dog to come when called, sit, lie down, leave it, drop it, wait at doorways, walk politely on leash, and look at you when you're speaking to them. 

That's not everything - those are just the tip of the training roadmap iceberg! 

Get started today and take your Cranky Canine from Reactive to Relaxed.

Registration is closed! Join the waitlist for early 2021:

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