Take your dog from reactive to relaxed

Does your dog bark and lunge at the end of the leash?

Are you tired of the judgemental looks on the street?

Let me help you get your dog from barking and lunging to calm and collected. Cranky Canine™ is a tried and true program (Est. 2011) that targets leash-reactivity in dogs. It uses science-based methods and humane techniques to get results.

Cranky Canine™ can help. Join the waitlist now.

Cranky Canine™ is a guided online program for dogs of all ages, suffering from leash-reactivity. The program runs for 4 weeks and is taught through video, worksheets, and daily live support in our discussion group.

More cost-effective than private lessons and you still get plenty of individual attention so that you can make progress at your dog's pace.

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