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nail clippers

What are the best nail clippers for dogs? Is the dremel a better tool for dog nails? How can I make my dog’s nails less sharp? What if I cut my dog’s nail too short and it bleeds? All these questions are answered in this post about the best tools for dog nail care.

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A Bulldog looking up at a Veterinarian.

Today we lost another veterinarian to suicide.

Before anyone regurgitates the ol’ “they’re just in it for the money” or “they’re trying to rip us off”, I hope we can all take a moment to breathe, to think, to appreciate.

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Brushing a dogs teeth

In the past few years I have come across a few incidents of an individual practicing anaesthesia-free teeth cleaning and every time, it has been very hush-hush. I wondered about the safety aspect, but also about the qualifications of the individuals who are practicing.Recently this practice has become a little less hush-hush and clinics are being advertised openly. The marketing is enticing and the details sound credible to the average pet owner.

Those of us who actively and reputably work in the industry (trainers, veterinarians, groomers, etc…) know that this practice is highly dangerous, not to mention technically illegal. Even if the practitioner claims to be trained and “certified” – it doesn’t matter.

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