I want you to imagine having a qualified, five-times certified Professional Dog Trainer & Behaviour Coach, available to you, five days a week. 

A Community filled with like-minded people who have gone through, are going through, or will soon be going through exactly what you are going through right now. Somewhere (away from social media) that is safe, non-judgemental, and extraordinarily inclusive and supportive. You can ask questions 24/7, share your experiences, post a video for feedback, or ask for trusted resources. 

Our Basic Manners Program is for YOU!

I am in the Community five days a week, answering your questions and cheering you on. No more asking random strangers on social media for advice. No more of the same, useless information that isn't science-based at all. No more judgement! 

Wait... That isn't everything - that's just the support you'll get.

Twice per month, I'll be going LIVE to answer your questions in our Live Q&A sessions. These are always recorded and stored in our Library for you. 

Once per month, we'll have a LIVE training class just like you're in school again! I will demonstrate the training with my own dog, coach you through it, and we'll have Hot Seats too! Hot Seats are designed to help students get unstuck and take practical steps towards achieving their training goal whether it's a fast and furious "sit", a rock-solid "recall", a reliable "drop it", a dog who walks politely on leash, or even a fun trick. You apply in advance and during our monthly LIVE training class, you could be sharing the spotlight with Caryn, getting 1:1 coaching through your particular training challenge! 

We're always adding content to the Library, so not only do you have access to past recordings of Q&As and Live Trainings, but you also have access to past webinars and Masterclasses, and detailed Training Roadmaps that walk you through various behaviours and concepts, step-by-step.

Last, but not least, you're going to get amazing Member Benefits like FREE and discounted public events (Masterclasses, Webinars, Workshops, Challenges) as well as discounts on 1:1 coaching via Zoom.

Who is this for?

This Basic Manners Program is for all adolescent or adult dogs who are looking for their manners! 

Do you have a puppy under 5 months of age? This is not the program for you! Please join the Practical Puppy Program

Note: This program does not cover clinical Separation Anxiety or reactivity and aggression towards dogs or people. Those are separate programs - click each link for more information! 

Ready to get started?

Here's what you get:

Daily access to me in our incredibly active and supportive Community. I answer your questions from Monday to Friday each week! 

Access to detailed Training Roadmaps that walk you through various behaviours and concepts, step-by-step.

Twice monthly live Q&A where I answer your questions in depth and more detail than even in the Community.

Members-only pricing on 1:1 coaching for more complex challenges or in-depth questions!

One live monthly training class where we cover a variety of behaviours and concepts that take your dog's learning to the next level.

Free or discounted access to our public events, such as Masterclasses, Webinars, and more!

Got questions? I've got answers.

When can I join?

You can join anytime! The doors to our membership are always open. Come on in!

What if I need to cancel?

I can't imagine why you would want to, but hey - sometimes life changes and we gotta do what we gotta do. If you need to cancel, you have full control! Click on your ACCOUNT button in the top right and you can navigate to your subscription and hit "cancel".

Please know that memberships are not pro-rated or refunded! 

Perfect! Count me in!

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