Raising a well-behaved dog just got easier and more affordable. 

Hey! I'm Caryn Liles.

I teach dog guardians just like you, the most efficient and effective ways to change your dog's behaviour using science-based and non-violent techniques.

Whether you have a brand new puppy, an adolescent dog who has forgotten their manners, a new rescue dog, or an adult dog with behaviour challenges, this is the right place for you to sink your teeth in. (See what I did there?)

The Centre for Canine Education has been the leading school for dog guardians and pet professionals since 2008. 
Our online Academy is designed so that anyone, anywhere can have access to quality dog training and behaviour coaching.

Join the hundreds of other dog guardians who are as committed to their dogs as you are to yours.
Celebrate your successes with us and let us support you on the inevitable rough days.

Where else will you find consistent, effective dog training and behaviour support, FIVE days a week?

Spoiler: Nowhere.







  • Webinars

  • 1:1 coaching



Work through typical training concepts and challenges with our mini-courses such as:

  • Creating a Food-Motivated Dog
  • Pre-Adoption Planning
  • Puppies A to Z
  • Smart Socialisation for Puppies
  • Marker-Based Training 101
  • Potty Training
  • Crate-ivity
  • Happy Home-Alone Puppies

These courses provide a blend of video, images, checklists, roadmaps, and resources, to set you up for consistent wins and success!

Why an Online Academy?

Why would you pay for TCCE's Academy when there is so much free advice out there on Facebook and YouTube? 

Because you want consistent, science-based advice that works.

You want to avoid hunting and pecking for information. You want it at your fingertips.

You want someone with a proven track record in modifying reactive behaviour in dogs without resorting to leash corrections and shock collars.

You want access to a professional who understands you and your dog.

You want a Community that supports you instead of shaming you or leading you astray.

You want someone your Veterinarian trusts.


Caryn speaks from the heart, injecting humour and compassion into all her work. She strives to inspire pet owners and pet professionals to take an active role in learning the language of animals and teaching them appropriate behaviours through humane and science-based training.

With four certifications under her belt, she is a lifelong learner; she earns continuing education credits each year, ensuring that she is up to date with her skills and knowledge. She is certified as a Professional Dog Trainer, a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer, a Family Paws Parent Educator, and a Fear Free Certified Professional.

TCCE began in 2008 and quickly grew to a full brick and mortar location, running 6 days per week with a team of qualified instructors, dedicated to achieving stellar results with clients and their dogs. Recommended by Veterinarians and Veterinary Behaviourists.

Caryn has trained dogs, cats, horses, chickens, a rat and even a goldfish. She has a soft spot for German Shepherds and reactive dogs.

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Say goodbye to scouring Google for help, only to find conflicting advice and head-scratching "Alpha-junk".

Do you have a new puppy between the ages of 8 weeks and 6 months?

I have taken two puppies to TCCE - they were very different and both got what they needed to get a good start in life. It is rare to find trainers who have such respect for a dog that they take the time and apply their expertise to see what particular dogs need to do to express themselves and build their relationships. I have also gotten very realistic and useful help in dealing with a troubled dog and I am very grateful for the compassion and care we received. I really recommend TCCE.


& Chichi & Poppy

You don't have to choose between results and relationships

 - you CAN have both.

Do you have a dog who barks and lunges at dogs or people on leash?

Caryn was able to get through to my reactive dog when no one else could, and gave me the skills to not only train him out of his issues, but form a deeper bond. We finally had a trainer that listened instead of assuming, adjusted the plan to suit our specific needs, had answers to our questions, could back everything up with evidence, and understood the reality of training outside of a controlled classroom.


& Finn

Rest assured that I'll give you science-based and ethical guidance.
Let me provide you with consistent and effective strategies for problem-prevention and behaviour change.

You had me at "hello"

Come. Meet your village.

We're here for you.

You're only a few clicks away from the essential training advice, support, and guidance you need to raise a well-behaved, happy dog.

What makes us different?

Access to expertise

You won't be left to work through every challenge on your own - you're connecting with your trainers on a regular basis. You'll have priority access to one-on-one support.

We walk the walk

We've had puppies, rescue dogs, dogs from excellent breeders, working dogs, therapy dogs, dogs with serious behaviour challenges. We're in the trenches with you.


It's not just "puppy fluff" - we've got it all covered. You won't get a cookie-cutter approach to all your problems - you'll get creative solutions, and not just one! We're not going to tell you that "you're doing it wrong" - we're going to coach you better. 


Everyone deserves support when raising an excellent canine companion - not just the ones who can afford the best schools and private trainers. For a low monthly fee, you've got everything you need!

No B.S. allowed

Unlike open Facebook groups, we have a strict no-B.S. policy, which means there's no judgement, non-constructive comments, trolling, or pseudo-science. Finally!! There are no "trolls" in our membership and you'll be met with supportive comments and positivity all around. 


We're not just here for the first few months of your experience. We're here for good. From the puppy-biting to the terrible-twos and after your dog nips the neighbour or gets into a scrap at the park.


We know it's hard to get everyone on the same page but we encourage you and your family to join us, together! Make it a family affair - jump into our live trainings and Q&As so that everyone is consistent and you get the results you need.

Positive-reinforcement based

We will never suggest that you yell at, hit, kick, or intimidate your dog in the name of training. All our methods are science-based and based on positive-reinforcement. We don't recommend or condone the use of aversive tools or techniques, which means your dog will be not only well-trained, but behaviourally sound and safe to be around.

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Do you have a new puppy, a new rescue dog, an adolescent dog, or a dog who just needs the basics? This membership is for you. Get started on the right paw and prevent problems from developing.

$199 for the first 3mo

$19/mo thereafter

  • Everything in the FREE Membership +
  • Puppy training & Socialisation program
  • All basic training classes & roadmaps
  • Workshops (Recall, Polite Walking, Peaceful Pedicures, Scent Skills, etc.) 
  • Online mini-courses (Potty training, Crate-ivity, Happy Home-Alone Puppies, etc.)
  • Live weekly group coaching call
  • Discounted private coaching
  • Access to community (not on Facebook!)

Is this membership for me?

This Membership is for you if:

  • you want results AND a relationship with your dog
  • you can commit to a few short training sessions every day (under 5m)
  • you have lots of questions you need answered
  • you want professional support 5 days a week 
  • you have the patience to help your dog learn without force
  • you hope to create a "village" to help you raise The Best Dog Ever.

This Membership is NOT for you if:

  • you need a quick fix without any effort
  • you want the work done for you 
  • you don't have the time or energy to train your dog
  • you wouldn't take advantage of ongoing professional support 
  • you are easily frustrated and prefer to use punishment
  • you have zero interest in learning from other people's experiences

Dog training is not something that happens overnight or within a specific period of time. Just like raising a child, it takes time, patience, perseverance, and education. It is ongoing; the learning never ends. Once you master one thing, you'll see a new and different challenge before your eyes. That's normal! Nobody is born perfect, with all the appropriate skills installed on their hard drive. You've got a dog's lifetime to teach them what you need them to know. 

It's a process. A journey.

I'll walk you through every stage. I'll be there to support you through the difficult times. I'll provide you roadmaps and guidance to change your dog's behaviour. 

I will never recommend that you use punishment, force, fear, intimidation. I will never recommend that you use an aversive tool. I will not fill your mind with silly dominance-based issues. I will be here for you  through every step of the way. I will never judge you or shame you. I will treat you, your family, and your dog with compassion.

I'm ready to get started

Join us for daily support and guidance as you raise your puppy, train your dog, and modify challenging behaviour.

How we are striving to make a difference

Here at TCCE, we acknowledge our privilege and we are, and always have been, committed to being inclusive of all people. This is a safe place and you are welcome here. We condemn the silencing, violence, and discrimination against people based on the colour of their skin, religion, culture, age, gender identification, and orientation. 

We encourage inclusivity by offering one full six-month scholarship per quarter to the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ community who meet these requirements:

- must have a dog (obv!)

- must apply online

- 15-min Zoom call to discuss your goals and how we can help

We are all students; we are always learning. We can be the change we want to see in the world. 

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